1. We are a profit oriented technology company. We operate on these principles:

  • Integrity
  • Innovation
  • Service
  • Technology Leadership

2. We are a Christian Technology Company. This means that our activities are also solidly guided and measured according to biblical principles.

3. We have given our company a heart. This means that we do not necessarily push for profits at the expense of fairness, ethics, equity or sound morality.

4. We are a locally mandated but globally relevant firm. This means that our present sphere of impact is somewhat limited to Nigeria; but from Nigeria we have the capacity to impact the world.

5. Our company runs on a tripodal sequence of Training, Research and Production, helping us to remain focused on our Corporate Mission, staying at the cutting edge of eLearning technologies, as well as building human capacity for real change in our society.

6. Often times, we don’t reinvent the wheel. Rather, we creatively and professionally “couple wheels” to solve real problems. This means that we make careful selection of available technology tools when necessary to proffer solutions.


Our Vision

To become the best provider of cutting-edge technology for eLearning in Nigeria


Our Mission

To provide the best, yet most affordable eLearning platforms that will empower the world to teach herself