daylight_logoThe Daylight foundation, a proposed Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) was conceived as a memorial and the celebration of the life and times of Late Prof. G. Olalere Ajayi (OAU, Ile-Ife) reflecting his lifelong desire and pursuit to bridge the divide between global technological realities and sustainable growth and development in Africa.

Functionally, it  is a capacity development initiative that utilizes the benefits of Information Communication Technologies (ICT’s) to package and deliver indigenous, affordable and easy to access educational contents for the grassroots, thereby facilitating an effective knowledge driven economy through e-learning and e-governance in Nigeria.


Providing a sustainable National e-learning  infrastructure for Nigerian grassroots communities by 2017


To provide affordable formal education to Nigerians at the grassroots anywhere and anytime, through the use of established and emergent ICT tools in the world.


  1. Creating indigenous interfaces that will facilitate the spread of ICT knowledge for sustainable development at the grassroots, thus helping to overcome the barrier of fear and language.
  2. Creating accessible teaching and learning virtual environment that will boost rapid delivery and comprehension of classroom instructions and instructional materials.
  3. Creating attractive online alternatives that will lure people away from cyber crimes thus helping to check the menace.
  4. Help promote, stimulate and Induce ‘social-cyber discipline’ and intellectual development.
  5. Create an ambience for self paced ICT skill acquisition
  6. Creating additional sources of revenue and employment for participating individuals, cyber cafés and other computer centres.