Nigerian Virtual University | Free Tuition| Proposed

SYL introduces the Nigerian Virtual University, a non Degree Awarding Institution powered by Charity, Excellence and Technology!

How it works

1. Users register on VirtualU to participate. Enrolment and Participation is absolutely free.
2. Users who pass the Tertiary Level Qualifying Tests (TLQT) are enrolled as instructors  to own and develop their private Virtual Classrooms and create courses as guided by course supervisors.
3. NVU adopts available Open Courseware for some of its pioneering courses. Participating Instructors are encouraged to engage Open courseware to develop their virtual classrooms.
4. Instructors have the liberty to make their classrooms accessible with a moderated fee or without a fee.
5. Students are enrolled into virtual classrooms, based on the Skills Affinity Tests (psycometrics) which suggests areas of key interests and relevant course entries.
6. Classroom participation are graded automatically to accumulate as grades, points and credits
7. On accreditation by NUC, NVU shall become a Degree awarding Online Institution.
For Further Enquiries,, Please Call 08139737650 or 08038615445



Interactive Multimedia| Mobile | Video
ASH, an acronym for AFTER SCHOOL HOURS, is an online instructional Learning system designed to augment the Nigerian Secondary School Education Curriculum. This system employs cutting edge technologies in Information Communication Technology (ICTs) and Multimedia to present engaging educational interfaces.The primary aim is to expose users (i.e. the pupils) to real life scenarios that will further underscore the purpose of school. ASH is  being designed as an ‘extra curricular’ assessment based system scheduled for periods after the regular school hours.It consist of a structured and organized virtual classroom where student can familiarize themselves with practical application of the things they have learnt in the traditional classroom.With ASH, SYL hopes to help the Nigerian government inspire the next generation of scientists, engineers, administrators and innovators. SYL undertakes this projects seeking the partnership of STEP B-Nigeria (WORLD BANK)For Further Enquiries,, Please Call 08139737650 or 08038615445.



Free Education | Free Multimedia Training | Indigenous ICT’s

The Daylight Foundation is a capacity development initiative that utilizes the benefits of Modern Information and communication technologies to package and deliver indigenous and easy to access educational contents for the grassroots, thereby facilitating an ICT driven knowledge economy through e-learning in Nigeria.For find out more, please visit the official website here

For Further Enquiries,, Please Call 08139737650 or 08038615445