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POCKETPocket money is an educational game app that rewards participants with monetary gains when they “cash out”. It is a learning platform where users earn credits  on the go until these earnings are convertible into real cash.

The philosophy behind this application is constituted to endear technology based education to the youth and offer cash rewards to young people with meaningful and well guided learning pursuits.

 With the reality that majority of Nigerian Parents understand that quality education is the only means for their wards to break free from the clutches of poverty thus placing the right premium on it, the dimension of corruption and desperation in the system has caused many to bribe their way through the education ladder without any sense of value for the true essence of education.

Pocket money is a bold attempt to reverse this trend, using the same bait, Money, to inject sound educational values, starting with fertile and young Nigerian minds, then the whole of Africa.


  1. Users (Known as Candidates on the system) open an account on the System
  2. A participating Bank opens a “Zero Minimum balance” for Candidates”.
  3. Candidates engage the portal registering and subscribing with Short Codes via SMS. PINs  are received via SMS to enable Career paths.
  4. “Career Paths” are chosen at commencement. Candidates earn “Credits” progressively on the Career paths until the credits accumulate into “Pocket Money
  5. Candidates take graded tests online based on Career paths, and if successful are asked to either “Cashout” or Graduate. If “cashing out”, the candidate may not continue with chosen Career path. If “Graduating”, Candidates move higher in Career paths with prospects for higher pocket money.
  6. Successful Candidates have their accounts (with Participating bank) funded automatically.
  7. The platform is enabled by parents for Candidates between ages 12-18. The Candidates above ages 18 are self-enabled and can receive Pocket monies directly.

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