THE OPTIMIST is a delightful and entertaining ICT reality TV show where very unlikely candidates are engaged to develop “impossible ICT solutions.” The series are targeted at varying national problems and the winner as voted, takes home a $50,000 cash prize, a brand new Honda Accord (2016), an iPAD, two Mac-pro units, a return ticket to the Silicon Valley, San Francisco, US and free broadband internet subscription for two years by a popular local service provider.


The Optimist is a story of people drawn from different parts of Nigeria with different levels of experiences in ICT’s. They are faced with a challenge, the challenge of having to stay together with other people, working together in groups to achieve set goals. It is full of drama, suspense, multiple and transforming experiences. It is a story of hope and possibilities bringing about the emergence of one Individual, the African Nigerian, The Optimist.

The TV production is strong blend of education, technology and entertainment. The aim is to create serious fun out of serious work, as well as provide a social dramatic and educative platform that will attempt to change the current narratives about Nigeria. The Optimist intends to present stark realities, talent performance, leadership and intuition, employ-ability, emotional intelligence, networking skills, employment opportunities as well as on-demand-productivity under very intense pressure, while questioning the status-quo of the Nigerian educational system.

The Vision of the Optimist is to make Information Technology attractive to unlikely young Nigerian minds as an effective tool to help tackle some of our national problems. The set is the interior of a ‘space station’, the judges are ‘robots’…

“The optimist proclaims that we live in the best of all possible worlds; and the pessimist fears this is true.” ― James Branch Cabell


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