The Introduction of the course

This course introduces participants to  essential digital communication tools adopted for  graphics design, video editing, animations, website development and interactive media for PC’s and Mobile devices;  in a manner that provides a well rounded understanding of what it takes to be a high earning professional. Additional modules include Introduction to Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence and Mobile application development.

Learning outcomes

The trainees are given a jump-start that empowers them combine innate creative instincts with technical competencies to design multimedia driven systems (Websites, Mobile Apps etc) and, create suitable and engaging content for the systems (e.g. graphics, videos, animations etc)

Target Audience

  • Marketing Managers or Directors
  • Brand Managers
  • Sales Managers or Directors
  • Public Relations (PR) Professionals
  • Business Development Managers and Directors
  • Digital content creators
  • Advertising specialists
  • Journalists
  • Video editors
  • Media professionals
  • Content marketers
  • Educators and web producers
  • IT Interns
  • Filmmakers
  • Illustrator
  • Anyone interested in the adoption of cutting edge IT technologies for business and life


  • Introduction to Computer Graphics with Photoshop and Indesign (4hrs)
  • Interactive Media Development with Flash (4hrs)
  • Introduction to Video Post Production with Adobe Premiere and After effects (8hrs)
  • Introduction to Website Design and Development with WAMP, WordPress and  (8hrs)
  • Introduction to 2D/3D Animations with 3D Studio Max (4hrs)
  • Introduction to Mobile Application Development with Ionic (4hrs)
  • Introduction to Digital Audio Production with Audition, CuBase and FLStudio (4hrs)
  • Introduction to Artificial Intelligence with Dialogflow (4hrs)

Course Methodology

Instructions are received from qualified, highly skilled and experienced field professionals over a 72 hour period distributed over 10 working days. The training session is followed by a supervised one-week project work, terminated with a project presentation.

Course Duration

72 Hours


Lecture Theatre 1,
Ife Business School, 10, Abayomi Omisore Avenue,
Off Ede Road, Parakin Qtrs, Ile-Ife, Nigeria.

Next Session
March 21, 2018

For Further Information, Please Call 08139737650 or 08038615445