The Elite Multimedia Training Camp

The EMTC is a Quarterly ICT based empowerment programme that equips participants with digital communication skills such as graphics design, video editing, animations, website development and interactive media for skills acquisiton purposes or career advancement purposes.

The course is structured to encourage people with a strong flair for creativity, commence a journey into ‘digital self-discovery’. In addition, right from the very first lesson, this course delivers skillsets that transforms participants into high earning professionals.

Learning outcome

The trainees are given a jump-start that empowers them combine innate creative instincts with technical competencies to design and manage multimedia driven systems (TV, Websites, Mobile Apps, Chatbots etc) and, create suitable and engaging content for the systems (e.g. graphics, videos, animations etc), while getting an edge with social media and data analytics skills. Learners will also acquire necessary business and project management skills to boost chances of business success.

Target Audience

Target Audience are intending or practising:

  1. IT Interns
  2. Online Education Professionals
  3. Digital Journalists
  4. Digital Video Professionals
  5. Print/Electronic/TV Media professionals
  6. Marketing Managers or Directors
  7. Brand Managers
  8. Sales Managers or Directors
  9. Public Relations (PR) Professionals
  10. Business Development Managers and Directors
  11. Digital content creators and managers
  12. Advertising specialists
  13. Content marketers
  14. Educators and web producers
  15. IT Interns
  16. Filmmakers, Producers and Directors
  17. Graphics Illustration Experts
  18. Language Laboratory Technologists


  1. Multimedia Fundamentals (2 sessions)
  2. Introduction to Computer Graphics with Photoshop, InDesign and CorelDraw (2 sessions)
  3. Graphical/ Conversational User Interface Design(1 session)
  4. Introduction to Basic Computer Programming(1 session)
  5. Website Design Development and hosting with PHP, CSS, JavaScript and CMS-Wordpress (2 sessions)
  6. Introduction to Modern Frameworks for Web Professionals:Node-JS, Django, laravel and Bootstrap(4 sessions)
  7. IIntroduction to Cloud Computing with AWS, Azure and GCP(3 sessions)
  8. Mobile Application Development with React Native and JavaScript/TypeScript (4 sessions)
  9. Digital Audio Production with Audition and FL studio (4 sessions)
  10. Video Post-Production with Adobe Premiere and After effects (4 sessions)
  11. 2D/3D Animations with 3D Studio Max (4 sessions)
  12. Introduction to Artificial Intelligence with Python and Dialogflow (2 sessions)
  13. Introduction to Blockchain Technology (2 sessions)
  14. Digital Marketing (2 sessions)
  15. Entrepreneurship and Project Management (2 sessions
(NB: 1 Session = 30-80 minutes of instruction + 4 hours of Hands-on/Group-work)

Course Methodology

 Instructions are received from qualified, highly skilled and experienced field professionals over a 30 session period distributed over a minimum of 8 weeks. The training sessions are followed by a supervised 4-week project work.

Course Duration


Fulltime: 8 weeks (Monday Wednesdays and Fridays)
Evening Classes:  10 Weeks (Tuesdays and Thursdays)
Part-time: 12 Weekends (Saturdays)

Online: 6 weeks (Monday, Wednesdays and Fridays via Zoom and SchoolMate)

Project Work
4 Weeks

Registration Fee (All-in-one) is N50,000
Registration Fee (per Session) is N2,000

Registration is available online here and Online Training commences January 4th, 2021.
Only 200 slots (for all-in-one candidates) are available per term. Interested candidates are advised to register immediately or send a message with the form below to book a slot.

For further information, please call: 08139737650, 08038615445 or send an email to

Certificate of Participation
Free 30GB Data Subscription for Registrants before 25th December, 2020.


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